Game data pack

The game data pack contains the level files, models and graphics (like textures). You definitely need this to run the game. Note that the data pack does not include the program itself, see below for downloading the source or executable.
If you want the latest version of our data pack, please visit our SourceForge project page.

Pre-compiled executables and source code

You can download pre-compiled versions of the client at our SourceForge project page. You have to download also the datapack, to use the engine.
But because the project is in active development, the binarys are likely to be out of date. If you want a current version, you have to use CVS.

CVS access

If you want to download the latest sources, you can use our CVS server. If you don't know yet what CVS is, please visit first.

For information about how to access the CVS repository (anonymous or for developers), please visit the Neverending ODC SourceForge CVS page.