What is ODC?

ODC is a new 3D world simulation project that aims to be a multiplayer fantasy role playing game some day.
We are creating tools to edit and design a huge 3D world, and an engine to explore and enjoy that world. The engine uses SDL, STLport and OpenGL. For the animated models, we are currently using Cal3d. The world editor uses Java 1.4 with Jausofts OpenGL for Java


As we had a complete core-reconstruction, we have lost many of our old features. They will be refactored and reintegrated, but this takes lots of time...
At the moment we have a basic 3D engine that can display our game objects. The camera can be moved and rotated in all directions. A terrain engine exists, but so far, it is not integrated. The actual version of the physics-engine just moves the objects (so far).
The engine can currently load and display Cal3d Models and our own mesh format.

System requirements:

You need a good graphics card that supports OpenGL acceleration.

ODC has been successfully compiled and tested on following machines: