The main goal is to build a set of tools, that can be used by many people to create a living fantasy world.
The main tools to achieve this are:

World Editor:

It should provide the functionality to edit square set's that can be connected together to form an ever growing world.


The engine is written in C++ using OpenGL and SDL. The design is going to a role playing multiplayer game.


Currently there are the follwing things in work:

World Editor

The old editor worked fine, but we decided to rewrite it to become much more modular. There is an editor core API that can be reused by other editors that will be needed by project (i.e. the Object Editor).
At the moment we are converting the old editor functions to the new design. This will be the last conversion because the new modular desgin allows much better reusability of all components. The basic idea of the modularity is: